PUBG Coming In 2 Months?, realme Laptop Teased, Jio Free Recharge,POCO X3 Pro Launched,Mi EV-#TTN999

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Video Highlights
00:00 Free Jio Recharge Worth Rs 555 | FAKE
01:38 PUBG Mobile Coming In 2 Months?
02:09 MediaTek Shipped Most Chipsets In 2020
02:45 Samsung Became Top Smartphone Maker Globally
03:10 realme C Series Coming Soon
03:37 realme MeowBook & AI Speaker Coming
04:18 POCO X3 Pro Launched In India
05:15 Mi Projector,Router, Charging Stand Launched
05:51 Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, 11 Lite 5G Launched
06:15 Mi 11 Ultra Tops DxOMark Scores
06:38 Xiaomi EV Launch Confirmed
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    999 Tech News Completed, One More To Go ❤️



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    #AskArun Sir Aapko Kya lagta hai Reame GT Neo Kb Tk Aa Sakta hai or kya ye Mobile Under 23K Ke price me aa sakta hai Please Pick My Question

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    coming soon Tech news 1k

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    Realme 8 comparison

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    #askarun Sir oneplus 9R me 870 he wo processor 5g supported he but usme sirif 1 band he N78 kiya wo bad me band barayenge oneplus updte ke tgrough and jio jab aya tha 4g lte and volte ho geya tha kiya 5g ane ke baad same hoga or oneplus 9R me bhi same hua to update milega kiya plzzzz riply sir ye sab ka questation he

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    Technology Topper

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    दादा नमस्कार वन प्लसमध्ये सोनीचा कॅमेरा वापरलाय का हॅसल_ ब्लेडचा

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    Technology Topper

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